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Saturday, February 23, 2008

'Post-stress' post.


The clock shows 2:09am. At norm, my eyes would be all drooling by now, but circumstances refrain them from being so.

Past two days ago, I got scolded by my neurology lecturer. "Very bad..you know nothing about this method!". Dahla she is the HOD (you can say that her position is that as of Dr. House's..being the Head Consultant n all). Turned out that I mis-wrote the notes (was in a rush, and couldn't care less to double check). Everything were in jumbles. 'course, I blame myself for the mere carelessness.

Back at home, I felt so upset. Upset due to the fact that I had done something so silly, and 'free-free kena marah dgn cekgu'. My mood doomed - zero.

I remembered some of our lecturers' popular sarcasms, which'd be uttered if a student fails to satisfy their demands...

"Ooo..so you're gonna deal with your patients with books in your hands??".

"You'd need bundles of books stuffed in your clinic then. What a shame".

"Your job is NOT to KILL a patient. But if THIS is how you work, you might as well WILL".


I am NOT gonna let another lecturer blow me. Ever. Again.

...and up to this point, the tasks just keep coming in bundles. Poster Hygiene + Olympiad Therapy + Neuro presentation + class notes ..... uhuk uhuk.

Tapi bak kate kwn saye, Allah takkan kasi sesuatu ujian kat hambaNya melainkan hambaNya boleh menghadapinya. Marah2 cekgu pun, untuk mase depan saye jugak. Kan kan?
Maka saye mestilah tabah menghadapinye... :)

Kalau kat Malaysia skrg demam pilihan raya, kat sini pula demam belajar. Sampai betul-betul demam pulak tu. Berjangkit-jangkit. Takpelah, kifarah dosa-dosa kecil :)

Tinggal lagi 2 tahun (kalau umur panjang) sebelum saye bergelar doctor. Ouch! Some changes needed pleassse...

* less sleep
* less food
* less internet
* less outing
* less daydreaming (ngehehe)

...semuenye less. Ape nak jadik nie. Marks kena 'more' la kan.

Pesanan buat diri sendiri...




...dan stadik lagi.

Pesanan buat awk jugee... ^_^

Pendek kate, pesanan buat semue orglah..arasso?


That's more like it.

Ps: Ya Rabbi, jangan Kau tarik nikmat Iman dan Islam yang telah Kau kurniakan buat kami. Dan bukakanlah pintu hidayah buat sahabat-sahabat terdekat kami..mudah-mudahan mereka beroleh petunjukMu...

[hati kecil tersenyum gembire... :)]


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