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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Semakin lama, semakin sayang, semakin rindu.


Yesterday I had a very weird dream. Mum and dad were smooching in front of us ala-ala Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck!! Hoho serious takkan buat sedemikian rupa depan anak-anak nanti (takut derang terus pengsan tengok parents sendiri aahaha :P).

As the title speaks for itself, what else, if not, for the pre-exam homesickness.

Eh yang nie tak......takk!!! Heeeeeee :P :P

25 days left for Malaysia!! InsyaAllah ^__^

(and 8 days left for the finals T__T)

Doakan saya!! ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009



Selamat Hari Guru buat para pendidik yang telah banyak mengerah keringat mengajar saya yang sangat degil ini. On top of the list, of course, is my mum and dad.

Jasa kalian tidak terbalas, mudah-mudahan sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah hendaknya.

(am I attempting to make a non-formal PMR letter? apekah~)

And of course this dedication goes to the best english debate teachers the world has yet to acknowledge - Madam Khairul Husna and Madam Zuraidah. You guys are such a sport!


I have two weeks to cross out before the D-day of the finals appear. Uhuhuh

And yes, I am feeling a wee bit stressed out. Read: PEER PRESSURE.

It has nothing to do with the competitive edge. Seriously. I could cope with that one.

But what bores me much is the none other 'ko-ni-takde-keje-laen-mengumpat-ke' chitchats of those - say, uncivilized homosapiens?

Takde keje lain ke haa?

InsyaAllah this coming summer, 5 pairs of my batch will get hitched. And yes, I meant FIVE pairs of MY batch.

Alhamdulillah, I feel so thankful for them. Who does not?

However, it hurts so much when people bombard you with questions such as "ko nie da tunang takmo kawen ke?" "tahan ke tunang lame-lame?" "siannye, da tunang tapi org laen kawen dulu"


(entry dalam bahasa melayu tanda malas nak mengedit dan sangat marah)

Tolonglah faham. Ibubapa lain-lain. Pendapat lain-lain. Situasi pun lain-lain. Bukannye taknak, tapi belum dapat greenlight untuk nikah tahun ini, takkan nak kami bernikah kat Siam kot? Takdak ibubapa semua, hadoiii...

Kadang-kadang rasa terkilan pun ada juga. Bukannya depa paham apa yang terjadi. Huhu. Mungkin sebab kami nak sangat, sebab itu Allah suruh sabar lagi. Mungkin ada hikmah yang sangat besar di sebalik dugaan sepanjang tempoh pertunangan ini, insyaAllah.

Hanya pada Allah tempat mengadu, tempat meluahkan perasaan. Dia Maha Tahu.

Dua-tiga hari lately saya kurang sihat. Tunang buatkan seperiuk bubur ayam (rasenye baru 2nd time die buat bubur) dengan penuh kasih sayang. Alhamdulillah ;)

(tp dlm gmbr xnmpk sgtla plak aymnye..)

Sama-sama kita sabar ye awk!! Sabar itu indah, sesungguhnya Allah bersama dengan orang yang sabar. Bersangka baik dengan Allah pasti tak mengecewakan!

Ameeenn... ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Buat mama tersayang, dan semua mama-mama di dunia...

A tribute to all mums in the world...

Happy Mother's day! And yes, everyday is indeed a mummy's day...

I love you heaps, and will always do...

Would do anything insyaAllah, even if it the best things in the world need to be sacrificed...

Tak sabar nak balik!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Syndrome NABAKA


I think the syndrome is 'exacerbating', again.

aaaAAAaaaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa (baca ala-ala tarzan lagi skalik)

Uhuhu bila cuti nak datang je, mesti syndrome tu mai balik.

Nak buat lagu mana nie?

On the other hand, I have difficulty uploading videos to the blog. Any ideas why this is happening?

Am wishing to share some video clips I adore.

left: momo; right: mimi (tiada kaitan dgn cik aimi rahman :P) they came into the family past a week after woman's day. Became my sleeping companion together with koko ( panda teddy bear yang agak besar untuk dimuatkan dalam gambar). As weird as it sounds, I'd feel odd waking up in the morning without them beside my pillow.

ps: ada satu lagi dalam family, bobo the gray elephant. tapi dia tak tidur dengan saya, dia tidur bilik lain, hostel lain. dia lelaki, jadi kenalah tidur dengan lelaki juga :P

pps: sebenarnya momo pun lelaki, tapi belum mumayyiz and baligh lagi, jadi boleh tidur dengan saya. kekeke

Friday, May 01, 2009

As Free As Could Be


Within a month's time, I'd be in a state of 'white-dermographism dominant', palpitating, answering questions of the final state exam.

aaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaaa!!! (baca gaya ala-ala tarzan)

Nonetheless, it implicitly signifies of how time flies fast, and that in two months time, I'd be sniffing the fresh air of Bandar Baru Bangi once again, sipping teh-tarik at mamak stalls and dipping roti canai in kuah dal. *drooling* InsyaAllah.

*grinning wide*

...oh, and also the fact that I have yet a year to digest and comprehend all 'medico-logies'. Uhuhuh.

So what is all the fuss about being free?

I am now free from holding any posts in the KUU Board (Persatuan Pelajar Melayu Ukraine); Ketua Puteri, to be exact.

It is as if I could finally shrug off a big burden that has been hunchbacking me all along.

It also emblems more quality time with those around me and close at heart. My oh my, I do miss those precious moments.

Come to think about it, the word housemanship already sends shivers down my spine. It haunts me so much, I dare not try to foresee myself being in any of the HO's shoes I'd once seen during the previous practical postings at Serdang Hospital.

A senior of mine cum wife to a house officer, often wails out her sincere feelings of how lonely the atmosphere becomes when on-calls predominates her hubby's daily schedule. Bukan setakat deringan telefon, sms pun susah nak balas. Truth be said, this, I fear pretty badly.

Couldn't the life of a HO get any gloomier? *read this to understand more*

Practiced making sushi with my roommates. Don't think such chances would appear once the critical period ticks on *sigh*

ps: My mum doesn't read my blog, but it's her birthday anyway, so a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out for you mama! And Happy Wedding Anniversary too. Akak berbangga menjadi anak bunting pelamin kekeke :P Jangan sedih-sedih sebab abah terpaksa outsation ^__^.