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Friday, June 13, 2008

practice makes purrrfect

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Sorry for the wee hiatus. I had some difficulties accessing blogger recently, for some unknown reason.

Let me start with the updates from Dubai. Dubai surely is one of a hot country huhu. Imagine the 39 celcius spiking heat. Seeeriously, you could barely walk for more than 15 minutes outdoors, and next you're bound to be sniffing for some cold 16 celcius air-conditioned outlet. It was kinda funny coz at some point we were sooo desperate, we just had to snobble into a shop and scrunch up make-believe faces, pretending to be innocent consumers searching head to toes for none-the-less valuable goodies!! Haha. Maka berkuranglah diameter wallet kami. Ekekek~

Aloha Dubai...

told you it's hot. you can barely see anything

one of the reasons i love this place hehe

coconut juice - tasted so sweet, i felt hyperglycemic

Nothing much happened within the first week of arrival. It was more of a 'lets-eat-everything-you've-been-craving-for' feast. Till I had to make several rounds within the pasar malam...because, there was just so much to taste and gulp down.

By the second week, I had already started my elective postings. This year's practicals differed a bit than yesteryears. There were housemen (HOs') to begin with, so we had the chance to really see how the life of a houseman lingers about. You had to be in the wards by 7am, and most of the time all the tasks wouldn't be completed by 9pm. Ward roundings, all the bla-bla-bla procedures..but it wasn't really fun because we could only observe and assist them, and nothing could be done alone. (waaa sungguh x thrill!!huhu). But the housemen were really nice. They'd answer all the questions provoked, and let us rummage through their books. Sgt seronok!! In return I gave them some Ukraine kopeks sebagai kenang-kenangan. Thanks Dr. Faridah and Dr. Faizal!!

Last sunday, my family and I had a special visit to Ipoh. Hehe. It went really well!! Sangat terharu sebab bile time lunch tgk2 ade ikan pari asam pedas..rupa2nya maknye masak special utk saye!!! Huhuhu~~

K la takmo crite panjang2. The rest is for me to know, and for you to wonder. Got to be ready for tomorrow's practical..jumpe lagie!!!




Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm going home!!!

Another 3 hours for departure. Pray us a smooth journey. Got to go now. Doakan kami selamat sampai ke Dubai...dan selamat balik ghumah...bye!!!

ps: uni-chan smoge dpt tuka tiket balik awl!! :)