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Saturday, January 07, 2012

And then came me!

This post was supposed to be written by Mama 6 months ago. However she was rather busy, and Papa kept on insisting, so I’m writing this on behalf of them instead.

Posted by Hayfa Ibtisam Binti Mohd Ismail :P

19062011 - Mama was a G1P0 woman pregnant at 38 weeks 4 days


It all happened on one fine morning when mama suddenly felt a gush of fluid soaking her bed down under. Twas so massive, she just had to go to the bathroom. Gosh clear liquor was leaking out aplenty, non-stop! Thrilled yet nervous, mama woke papa up from his dreams, only to find out that papa was twice as scared!

So mama called tok mama:

Tok mama: Laaaa ni mesti dah pecah ayaq ketuban nih! Siap cepat kita pi spital.

At first mama was a bit reluctant because the contractions were still mild and irregular, hence she would be admitted as PROM<18H (mama malas nak duduk wad lama-lama sebab hari-hari pergi wad T_T).

So she called the PAC.

Mama: Salam nak tanya, HO mana oncall PAC eh sekarang?

JM: Dr Aliah

Mama: Ok, terima kasih! Saya dah LL (leaking liquor) lah akak, huhu

Dr Aliah was mama’s friend, and a very good doctor, so mama agreed on going early.


Mama, papa, tok abah and tok mama (and me!) arrived at the PAC. Obviously there were no other patients, so Dr Aliah attended to mama stat.

Dr Aliah: Clear liquor demonstrable, tapi os still closed lah Sarah (which meant that ‘the door’ was still closed). Sarah kena admitlah ye macam biasa J

Mama: Huahuaa malasnyeee…okay takpe-takpe J

So after all the examinations etc, 600am mama was sent to Bed 2, Ward 5E. Tok abah and tok mama went back home first, and papa accompanied mama up to the ward. He also bought mama 2 pieces of roti canai (tiba-tiba mama mengidam roti canai T_T).

Hour by hour the contractions were getting regular and stronger. By 12 noon, they were 2:10:20. Dr Zulida the Specialist oncall made a VE, and it was already 2cm, but the cervix was still thick. She did an S&S (sweep and stretch). Mama was also given ampicillin (even though HVS was negative, Dr Zulida insisted on it as doctors turn out to be one of the major GBS carriers, hence, just to be on the safe side).


The contractions were getting stronger as ever. Mama timed them by herself; it was already 3:10:30. The pain was soooo unbearable, she just had to call the nurse. Dr Norliza the new MO made a VE.

Dr Norliza: 3cm, effaced lah Sarah! So saya suruh diorang push awak ke LR ye!

Mama: Ooooo…kkkayyy *gulp*

Mama was pushed down to the LR with a very tight face! 1630hrs, Dr Ain the MO oncall made a VE: 4cm it was. Mama was given IM Nubain.

However the contractions were sooooo painful; she just had to sniff Entonox PRN – and mama became sooooo high on entonox! Sampai papa pun takut T_T

But the pain was soooo irresistible, sampai mama cakar-cakar tangan papa, so Dr Ain offered to mama epidural analgesia.


Mama agreed, and dad signed the consent, but just as the anesthesiologists were about to explain the procedure what not, the JM in charge VEed; “Dah 7cm lah doktor!”.

Mama: Haaaa cepatnya! (Mama cuak gile okay!)

Well the contractions were 4:10:30, and mum felt so restless, and before you knew it, the JM screamed: “Dr dah fully!!!!!”.

In came Dr Liyana the HO oncall (as Dr Ain was rather busy).

Dr Liyana” Okay Sarah, ingat macam mana awak suruh patient push, macam tula jugak awak buat ye. 1, 2, 3, teraaaaaammm!!!”.

The 2nd stage was rather quick. After 4-5 pushes I finally came out. Phew!

Everything was different outside the door. I remembered laying down on mama’s chest, and then they handed me to papa. I heard papa recite the athan, MashaAllah it was beautiful J.


Mama and me were pushed upstairs to Ward 8B Bed 8. Tok mama, tok abah and paksu Ariff were all excited, waiting. After some hugs and kisses, they went back home, leaving papa, mama and me.

The coming day the rest of the family came to see me; Makngah Hani, Makteh Mira, Makcik Nisa, Atok, Opah, Paklong Hussin, Pakngah Hassan, Makngah Min and Maksu Nurul…and many other friends of mama and papa. I felt so blessed J.

* * *

Well that was what had happened 6 months ago. Sorry for the humongous hiatus! It was just that, mama said she just has to publish this asap. She wants all of my milestones recorded virtually.

To date, I am trying hard to crawl, which is rather difficult. Everyone is urging me to crawl fast! I could also recognize faces now, and I cry when unfamiliar faces pop in sight. I eat rather a lot, like 2 full bowls of porridge and some Farley’s biscuits per day (I weighed 6.6kg when I was 6 months old, can’t wait to see how much it’d be for the next check up!). Mummy has already taught me to sleep in my own bed J And yes I think I could understand adult language now, haha!

May Allah bless mama and papa and everyone around me ^___^

2nd month of life; 3.4kg

Below: 3rd month of life; 4.3kg

5th month of life; 5.9kg

6 month of life; 6.6kg