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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tagged again! 'foto-o-me'

Assalam'laikum..been tagged by Balqis. Well dear Bal, this post is especially for you..here you go!! ;)

1) Do you think you’re hot?
In some ways. Hehe.

2) Upload favourite pictures of yourself
3) Why do you like these pictures?

I get to know how I look like 2 decades ago.

I love that red snowcap. Macam besar je untuk saye. Hehe.

Kakak mithali :P

I like the colour blend. It'd be more perfect if abah and mama were in the picture.

A candid picture taken when we were giggling. Candid photos show the real you :)

The Prodigy board members, all smiling gleefully. We were so relieved that at long last alhamdulillah the magazine was done.

On the EuroStar train to Zurich. Captured by Atique. I like the reflection of me on the window.

Eh alamak ni bukan gambar sayelaa!! Hehehe. But I'd love to have a picture like this in the future (bertudungla of course) *wink*wink*

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
Ermm a month back I think. But my roommate will be baking one this eve insyaAllah. Yippee!!

5) The last song you listened to?
Zamilooni - Native Deen (the one playing when you read my blog).

6) What are you doing right now besides this?
I've got piles of ONG notes and books that need reading infront of me. Haha.

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
Mohd Ismail Hamzah? Ooopsss :P :P ..okay okay, that would be 'beside' mine, not 'besides', hehe. I like the name Marsha Qistina though. Thought it'd be a nice name for a kid. But then I found out that Liza Hanim named her daughter the same name too *__* tiru oranggg

8) Who are the next people you will tag?
  1. Anisa Safwa
  2. Jamil
  3. Encik Bawang
  4. tatau
9) Who is number 1?
My 4th sis who's a photo-edit geek and a blog-o-maniac.

10) Say something about number 2
My ex-g3nx-Smapk-mate, currently studying medicine in USIM. He blogs good I tell you (Jamil you should thank me for promoting your blog haha :P).

11) Introduce number 3
He blogs most about family issues, relationships and religious matters. Already has his own family :)

12) How about number 4?
Tatau sebab tatau. Hehe.

Guess I'm done. Need to face the books again!! My exam is on 8th Jan insyaAllah. Do pray that we'd pass with flying colors :)

ps: It's Awal Muharam today, and Gaza is again, burning. Don't forget to pray for the safety of our Palestinian brother and sisters...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sarah si pemalas update blog :P

Assalamualaikum..Eid Mubarak brothers and sisters!!

Well, well now..if it wasn't for the sudden post (yes, yes it's true I have been labeled Sarah si pemalas update blog ngenge) but seriously, my fingertips couldn't jot in any new thoughts at all. I blame myself having read less fictional books (they help cultivate our imaginary thinking you know) and do pardon the i-don't-know-if-you-realize-my-vocabs-are-getting-poor [mode]. Not that I couldn't think of any..but the writer's cap didn't really want to switch itself on. Huhu.

I guess it's no use of blaming the weather because up to now, since my first year in Ukraine, this has been the 'warmest' winter ever. For at some days it'd reach 24 celcius (can you believe that?) and rarely would the wind be as cold as 2 celcius. Yes, no excuse of 'sejukla saye malas nak tulis' [mode].

However, some weird events did dwell upon me this past one month. One of them being my nasty mood swings. I guess it's no harm in talking about it because it's physiological and we're all grown-ups and most peopling reading my blog (if there is any :P) are medical students cum doctor-to-be's. Anyway yes I am referring to the none other PMS (premenstrual syndrome). It got into me so severe that at times I'd be munching bars of chocolates (snickers, twix, kitkat) and a box of ferrerro rocher and they didin't last longer than 3 days! Huhu. And to add to that, I didn't want the chocolates self-purchased - I wanted them to be bought by SOMEONE else. There and then. Ya Rabbiiiii *__*

Not only that, my sense of jealousy was to the max!! I know this is rather open but I even felt jealous when seeing my fiance speak with his classmates during lectures and on their way to class. It wasn't just a mere twitch of jealousy - it was the kind when you felt like punching the wall and stumping your way back home and all of a sudden you realize that teardrops are coming out. Massively. Huhu. I also read at Ummusaif's blog that 'women who typically experience premenstrual syndrome may have more extreme mood swings when they're pregnant'. O-ooo...

And that, my sisters, signifies why we should also recite ma'thurat during ma'dzurah (menses) ..arasso? ^__^

I have a month's time to kill before the Final Exam that'd be insyaAllah in early January. Do pray that we'd all pass with flying colours. Because I really really really want to have my feet laid on the grounds of...

1. Nottingham!! Yes the place where I was born (kire macam balik kampungla ni keke :P). I'd be staying at Pakteh's and would get to babysit Aina and Kaisa (tak sabaq nak jumpa depaa!! hehe)

2. Scotland!! Juga berjalan bersama pakteh sefamily dan insyaAllah akan main ski jugak..weee!!! By the way the picture above is Dundee, kampung kedua tempat saya membesar..hehe..

Oklah, I better get back to reading. My current cycle is ENT (ear nose and throat) and guess what my lecturer discovered. Upon examination, he found nodules on my vocal cord that depicts that I 'talk too much and too loud' ...so I'd have to be a bit ayu after this huhu. And next, he said that my extenal auditory meatus (ear canal) isn't that curved as an adult's..it is more horizontal like a baby's. *__*.

Well it shows that I'm special, right? Ngehehe.

The above picture is a bowl of chicken soup. What made it special was because it was made and sent by my fiance when I was 4 days sick a week ago. He rarely cooks alone (dia tak suke masak and tak berapa tau masak tapi tolong roommate die masak je :P ) and he learnt the recipe just a day before!! Tapi bile tengok cara pemotongan nampakla gaye potongan org yg baru belajar masak sendiri ngehe :P tapi sedaappp!!! Lepas nie bolehla belajar masak benda laen pulak ^__^

Am trying hard to be like the women in the sentence.

Till then, salaam... :)