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Friday, March 23, 2007

Poland-Warsaw conference...I wanna..I wanna..

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful...


A fortnight ago, i caught glimpse of a huge poster being glued at the board of the hostel. It read in capital letters (as you may see) International Conference of Medical Students. Having read the details, I was notified that the event was to take place on the 2nd till 5th of May, at Warsaw Medical University, Poland. The application fees for active participants costed 220 USD, that includes transportation, accommodation, a certificate and refreshments for three days.

I really, badly want to join.

We (me and my always-ever conference partner - Athirah) do have a topic in mind. Viagra vs Tongkat Ali - A Comparative Study. It could also be a credit for our Pharmacology exam. However, we have a problem. And it does seem big.

To do so, we need the vital materials..and everyone knows that you can never find Tongkat Ali in such Western countries such as Ukraine (already asked Mr. Polevik..even the scientific name
Longifolia Jack did not provoke him any sense of familiarness). Initially Athirah had a friend in Malaysia that could be of help, hence her lecturer did researches on the subject, however, on 2nd calling, matters arose that turned down the answer to a no.

The due date for submitting abstracts is on the 9th of April. We just have to start fast.

Upon stating that, I would like to ask help from everyone reading this post..does anyone have any ideas of any interesting topics related to Pathophysiology or Pharmacology that might me of help? Please..pretty please..do chip in some suggestions or thoughts, be it via my chatterbox or through commenting. It would be grateful to receive such views.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've been tagged..huh..?


Actually the incident happened 2 months ago. Having been busy with the London tour, Prodigy-editting, and humps of exams piling up in a row, I couldn't care less to read the comments. Till I read them - and found out that Balqis just tagged me.
Tagged? What does that connote?

Sounds peculiar, but not for avid bloggers. I've been browsing through some of the tag-posts of my friends' blogs, and now i guess i see the picture on how it works. They say when you've been tagged, you're supposed to reveal 6 of your habits or you-don't-know-about-me facts. Sounds nice :) . Well friends, here you are..

1) I prefer reading my awfully-scribbled notes than copying my nicely-written friend's one. No matter how 'doctorish' it could be, I still believe that in the end, i'd comprehend my hand language better.

2) I dislike monotonous notes (oh I can be so choosy when it comes to these matters I tell you). There must be at least 2 pens of different colours in my bag, and usually 3 different-coloured highlighters (at some times it may amount to 6). In desperate circumstances when my friend's notes are in need, well, they just have to be prepared. For all I know, their merely black-and-white notes could turn rainbow colored anytime, when it comes into the hands of Sarah Shazwani. Hehe. And you'd see additional jottings and pictures too :) .

3) I hate cooking in a group. For me, cooking individually is more neat, precise and arranged. You get to plan the day's dishes yourselves, and no one would bother if you used the big butcher's knife to slice up the cabbages. Hehe. And I do cook quickly. I could make 3 dishes in 15 minutes. Which, of course, does not deteriorate my sense of hygiene-preserving.

4) I love watching korean series in one shot. Marathon, my friends call it. I could spend 2 or 3 endless nights having my laptop layed beside me on my bed, and watching the episodes all by myself. That also explains why everytime a new series becomes the speak of the crowd and my roommate goes for the latter, I'd have to think thrice as of to view it. Eventually, I'd end up being 2 months outdated, and would be watching it during the holidays when everyone else has already spectated 2 more new series. Pity me. Huhu.

5) If I gain weight, I'd prefer a carb-free diet than a fat-free one. Literally speaking, I wouldn't be eating rice, but would rather consume chocolate. Hehe. But please, don't blame me. I know 2 people who did that, and hey..it works. To add up to that, my cheek would broaden a few inches everytime winter steps in. It may by due to the extended 'hibernating' that happens on these cold evenings, and who could blame the parietal cells for secreting hydrochloric acid on mornings at the hospital which would need me to rush, skip breakfast and munch a bar of peanut butter kitkat instead. So when my stomach growls, never blame my chubby cheeks for becoming chubby :P.

6) I do not throw away outworn outfits easily. No matter how many new costumes are purchased, the former ones would be kept in the big wardrobe. Either that, or they'd become my younger sisters' possessions (fortunately our heights do not differ that much) or my mum would hand them to kak mai. My baju rayas' as of 10 years old till now are still with me. So it's no surprise that the closet doors get more ajar yearly.

Can i add up another one? Hehe.

7) I have stage fright everytime being asked to give a speech in Malay. It's like, I have to reconstruct all the sentences in my mind before blurting them out. Queer enough, for me the words go out rather smoothly in English. But don't take me wrong - I still love and prioritize my mother tongue.

Erm..okay another one. Please. I PROMISE.

8) I treasure cards and gifts that people give me so dearly. I would paste them in my photo albums, or stamp them at the mirror on my dresser. One of the cards was received by my Scottish primary school headmistress back in 1993 - 15 years ago. And that also goes for letters, secret notes etc, swapped with my 'secret locker friends', particularly when I was 14. If by any means the gifts be wrecked, I would try to fix them the best I could. That also goes for flowers. If they somehow die, i'd pick up the petals and glue them in my album. Of course, I'd do anything to keep the flower blooming...

So, there you go..the so-called secrets of mine exposed. Hehe. For the timebeing I'm not pretty sure of whom to tag..will be back to that matter later. Questions..anyone? :P

Saturday, March 03, 2007

At last..alhamdulillah...

Mirror-I (as in socio-psycho class)

Seriously this picture is edit-free...



Things have been rather hectic for the past 3 weeks. With all the stay ups of non-stop editting, typing, rearranging..everything has finally come to an end. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for all those who have been of great help - Allah know's how much of virtue you guys were to me.

PRODIGY 2006/2007 *( which made me skip 2 lectures and 1 hygiene class)*

Did I tell you that it had been snowing here, n froze down till -25 celcius? it was freezingly chilling. Proof - my red nose. Snowing cats-n-dogs...

A month ago (2nd Feb)marked me already being 21 yrs old. Queer enough, i didn't really sense any significant difference. Except the need to be a wee bit matured. These are the stuffs that I got from my beloved ones..spasiba balshou!!!

Upto now, I'm deadly missing my family..seeeriously. With exams coming up around the corner, Allah knows how much gingko biloba and nescafe i need. Home...pleaaassse ;'(

ps: some pics haven't been uploaded yet, especially regarding my birthday. nanti2la yek..nak stadik