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Saturday, March 03, 2007

At last..alhamdulillah...

Mirror-I (as in socio-psycho class)

Seriously this picture is edit-free...



Things have been rather hectic for the past 3 weeks. With all the stay ups of non-stop editting, typing, rearranging..everything has finally come to an end. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for all those who have been of great help - Allah know's how much of virtue you guys were to me.

PRODIGY 2006/2007 *( which made me skip 2 lectures and 1 hygiene class)*

Did I tell you that it had been snowing here, n froze down till -25 celcius? it was freezingly chilling. Proof - my red nose. Snowing cats-n-dogs...

A month ago (2nd Feb)marked me already being 21 yrs old. Queer enough, i didn't really sense any significant difference. Except the need to be a wee bit matured. These are the stuffs that I got from my beloved ones..spasiba balshou!!!

Upto now, I'm deadly missing my family..seeeriously. With exams coming up around the corner, Allah knows how much gingko biloba and nescafe i need. Home...pleaaassse ;'(

ps: some pics haven't been uploaded yet, especially regarding my birthday. nanti2la yek..nak stadik


hiyoshi said...

Hullo there! You're still as fair as ever - that's a relief.

So, how are things over there? Any fun learning medicine in the blistering cold?

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. DO come again. It's nice to have people around :)

sarahss said...

kaneshna..will do ;). used to have a chatterbox, but somehow it got indeliberatley deleted. huhu..