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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hantaran Calculator


After some random blog reading, I somehow got myself stumbled upon this bride-to-be's blog. Pretty much awed her sense of beauty-consciousness, and I did spot some diet supplements that I reckon would be worth trying (she lost 11kg's in 6-7 months - wahhh!!). Most of them were Herbalife products, and it so seems that my debate teacher, Pn. Husna is one of the dealers.
Nampaknye saye pasti akan ke rumah cikgu la balik summer nanti. Hehe.

Anyways. What made me go all oohs-n-aahs was actually this link:
Hantaran Calculator

Thought of giving it a try (sajer-sajer menggedik..hehe).

And here were the results...

Thank You for using this calculator.

Based on the matrimonial information you have supplied and considering prevailing economic conditions, your Hantaran would be $11,000


(dunno how to react)

I had a look up at the website , just to see how the author justifies his modus operandi. Regardless everything, I like the way he puts his full stop:

"Note: Islam frowns upon wastage and preaches moderation, even when holding weddings. So take the calculator with a pinch of salt :) " - Ridzwan.com
That's more like it. Kan kan kan? ;)


Jamil said...

So is eleven grand a lot or not? I'd have no idea - my math sucks and so does my general knowledge on dowry :(

sarahss said...


simply just a thought (after some peer-to-peer chat): at present, i think the sum is considered a norm, mostly for city folks. Still, it depends on the education level: literally saying that if they're still undergrad students, it not need be high. However, you may consult your mum; she'd know better :)

ps: you can click at the link that i gave..some 'dowry-estimation' hints are provided.

errr...nie tanye nie ade pape ke?hehehe~

Pjoyz xXx said...

Wah... mahal giler hantaran ko tuh... takut orang nak masuk meminang weh... hahahaha

sarahss said...

eyyy itu kalkulator tu yg ckplaaaa...bkn aku yg ckp tauuu...sler jgn silap paham :P

Anonymous said...

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