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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*wink*wink* Part 2

The engagement ring

Dedicated especially for makteh and pakteh living far away in Notts :)


Farisha anak Makndak and Tok

Maksu, Anisa, me, Fairuz and Zhafran

Hani and Zhafran (in his second outfit)

Maklang (the hantaran-maker) and me with the 13 hantarans for him

Tokwan cube senyum..hehe :)

Kak Arina (who's 36 weeks pregnant at that moment) and Fairuz

Pakwan pun nak duduk atas pelamin!!hehe

Hani, Kak Arina and Zhafran

Me and makndak (haven't met her for 4 years..wow~)

Toksu (her hubby was our side's 'tukang cakap') maktok the sireh-maker, and maksu

Kakyong and Ellisa..cousins from abah's side

My wee chaotic cousins..haha

Photoshooted by Muna (and she was to be engaged the following day!!)

My siblings whom I adore each and every second.. Hani, Amira, Anisa, Ariff

Rombongan Ipoh dah maii!!

exchanging gifts

during the discussion (I could sense the palpitations at this moment..hoho)

Alhamdulillah..everything went smooth sailing


his side and my side

We had to smile for ages!!

Thundercats!! Hehe~

ps: more pictures uploaded at http://dropshots.com/sarahss . some videos available too.

Do pray that we may get heed of ourselves during this 'darah manis' period ;)


Jamil said...


Very unmanly behaviour, but hey, who cares when your friend looks stunning on her engagement day!

Congratulations again Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

congratz kak sarah!!! lawa la baju tuuu..he3..sy suke gamba yg ade kak sarah,anisa,kak hani,kak mira and ariff :D sumenyer comel2 belaka! ;D

sarahss said...



It doesn't sound unmanly-lahhh...but thhanks a bunch!! Hehe


mekaseh!!haah akak pn ske gmba tu jugak..hehehe

mAtTpEeT said...

waaaaaaaaaaaarghh~ giler sgt2 menikam kalbu la gmbr2 yg diletakkan. hehe. congratz sarah!!
congratz(10x). heee.

Pjoyz Zul said...

Wah... dasat ar ko... baru tunang dah hantaran banyak camtu... can't imagine ko punye hantaran bila akad nanti... huhuhuhu... pape pon, congratz ya.

sarahss said...


haaa menikam kalbuu???bestu bnafas lg x?ekekek..mekaseh2 hehe


haaa byk ke?heheh..org kmpung sume excited nk wat cne hehe. mekaseh2 :)

SoFie NuR said...


bila nak kawen?!! hehe...

sarahss said...


haaa...??kte tgu dan lihat.ngenge~

Pjoyz Zul said...

check yana's wedding post at my blog. hehehe

sarahss said...

baekk~suda di check...

Bawang Goreng said...

Salam... Congrates! Nice pix! Yg thundercats to soooooo lively!

a k i r a said...

Salam'alaikum Sarah!
Congratulations on your engagement.
Eh..you must be wondering where this one stranger comes from ek? Gomen gomen...kite nampak link awak from Balqis's page , tatkala dalam mood untuk blog-hopping. Love your casual and witty style of writing. macam baca novel plak. Sorry for intruding but I hope you don't mind the company.

Congratulations again! Moga segala urusan dipermudahkan olehnya.


Pjoyz Zul said...

bila tgk balik post nih.. tetiba aku pon rasa cam nak bertunang gak.. hihihihi.

Anonymous said...

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