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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maybe its Maybelline..?

Salaamun alaik...

Time and again, often do we encounter faces, whom, if not, will leave traces in our hearts. For these people, our presence may be that of the common peeps that linger around them 24/7; little do they how significant were the roles that they had implicitly played in our lives.

To these people - I owe each of you a million!!

(Specialists) Dr. Jamali (my favourite doctor!!) , Dr. Wan Norizah, (HO) Dr. Khairul and Dr. Syazwani (O&G)

(Specialists) Dr. Faizah, (HO) Dr. Rajan, Dr. David and Dr. Ida (Paeds)

(Specialists) Dr. Sangar, (HO) Dr. Faizah and Dr. Faizal (Surgery)

(Specialists) Dr. Ng, (HO) Dr. Sangeetha and Dr. Subhita (Medicine)

Thank you very much!! muches gracias :)

Pity; hence the fact that I cared less to take snapshots of them.

Such sincere gratitude, despite the fact that I felt so relieved once everything had finally made its full stop. Huuu~~

Selamat Pengantin Baru Sakeenah (now my ex-roomie) and Mashkur 02.08.08

Kak Sakina Adam (Aisha Adam's sister) and her husband Salihim

This neonate was in NICU. Premature (27/52 weeks) Birth weight 920 grammes, delivered through LSCS (low segment caesarian section) diagnosed with RDS (respiratory distress syndrome)

Hysterectomy (uterus resection) performed. Patient was diagnosed with multiple fibromyoma (stage identified only after biopsy)

A wee little indian baby =) fresh from her/his mum's womb

My practicum mates..Sarah Sathripriya (CSMU) and Woon Lee (IMU)..you guys rock!!

Woon Lee and me

Kak Mastura Hamzah (my Naqibah) and me on the day she got engaged =)

Akasyah (my Suk senior cum her fiance) and Kak Mas (image a bit blurlah..was using my mobile cam)

the hantarans~

If I could metaphorize my life as a desk, it would be in a bit of a shambles by now. Not that things are becoming messier, but the nervy feelings keep jolting in at high amplitude every minute!

Next comes in the fact that my remaining one month of holidays will be fulfilled with weddings nearly every weekend. Weee!! Of course, during the ceremony, all eyes would be focused on the bride and grooms attire. That also goes for the accessories...and, make-up.

If I had a list of dislikes, I guess one of the top fives would be applying make-up. For when it comes to such matters, I'd go urrrghhh. I, for a fact, am no make-up girl (regardless of the fact that at times, purchasing them makes me feel ebullient :p) hence, you can only see my cheeks glow pink during special occasions.

In all of a sudden mum wants me to learn the curves and shades of lipstick and eye shadows to become more 'anak-dara' like.

She also insists that I start to make myself fond of high-heels (another paraphernalia in my list of dislikes) "sebab 'dia' tinggi".

yikes-a-bee *__*

Good thing platforms were invented...I hate the clattering sounds that high heels give once they thrust on the floor.

If only I had a million, I'd be asking for Datuk Siti's favourite make-up artist. Brought all the way from Indonesia. Her touch of art is so neat and delicate..and splendid!! It wouldn't make you look like some barbie doll plastered with a 5 inch paste of makeup. Then again, what was her name..? Lupelaaa...

And, of course..in my dreams laaa!! Hehehe...

Anyone care to give me lessons on blushes and eyelashes? ^__^


BalQis said...

tak sabar nak tunggu gambar sarah bertunang pula!

sarahss said...

saye pun xsaba tgk kamu balqis!hehe

Jamil said...

Weddings and engagements and (God forbid) make-up.

You're not gearing up, Sarah - you're putting the pedal to the metal! But hey, I'm kind of excited for you too :P

Kay Husna Kadir said...

Congratulations girl!!!
How time flies...the image of a fairer-than-ever girl debating and surviving...still lingers...

Eh BTW, kalau nak herbalife, contact me he he he. Bawak stok balik!

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