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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Memory Lane revisited.


First and foremost, I would like to wish all muslimeen wal muslimaat out there a very happy and blessed Ramadhan. May this month be a good platform for us to better ourselves in search of Jannah. A very Happy 51st Merdeka too to all Malaysians, staying local and abroad...and last but never the least, a very big Happy Birthday to my fiance who will be turning 23 this 1st September =) (ceeewah dah bole panggil fiance :P hehehe) a year older, a year wiser, and a year nearer for us to graduate (*wink*wink*) and may you learn lotsa stuff, be it academically-based, house chore-related (erkk) ilmu akhirat and vice-versa this coming year..ganbatte!!

For the coming four semesters I have pondered upon a new way of studying. The goal isn't just to ace with 5's, but also to learn the Malaysian way..in other words, to read more International and Malaysian Medical books, apart from the Russian's (because some of them differ by an inch..but an inch in medicine is THAT crucial). As quoted by the local doctors.. "Awk nie nanti nak kerja kat sini kan? Jadi kenala belajar cara sini!". Huhuhu.

At long last, after 4 painstakingly kinda-long years, I had the opportunity to perform my solat tarawih at home..can you believe that?!! The feelings were a mix of joy-ebullient-anxious..no words can describe them best!! Till I nearly felt like bringing along my camera with me and taking pictures of all the saffs..bet if I do they'd think I'm a weirdo. Haha.

Past a few days back, I was tuning into Flyfm and overheard a poll on 'The Most Powerful Man-made Invention over the last century'. Lots of feedbacks were given, and a listener called and named the 'camera' as the so-called paraphernalia.

Coincidentally, dad just bought a 3-in-1 printer-scanner-photocopying machine, and after mum did some spring-cleaning, she discovered lots of photo albums, some having photos that dated since dad was nine!! Apparently a number of them got ruined, perhaps because of the humid air. So, dad said that the coming school holiday's homework was to scan the whole lot!! Hohoho.

Well oh well..after some scavenging and rummaging, look what I've found!! Jeng-jeng-jeng!! The good old days revealed... ^__^

Me when I was merely one @ Notts

learning to crawl

mari belajar solat~

beraya di perantauan

was I yawning..?or what?

Posing with my lunchbox in front of Park Place Primary School (see, told you I had the talent nurtured within :P)

My Home-made birthday cake that mama baked!! (the cream-spread was a wee bit messy..but thumbs up for mama who made the delicious cake all by herself =))

Notice that I'm wearing a badge written 'Happy Birthday'...it is a custom for us school kids to do so so that at school everyone would be greeting us with Happy Birthdays at the top of their voices..hahaha

These pictures make me want to visit my childhood place so much..Dundee, here I come!!(kalau ade duitlaa... *__*)

Will be flying off to Ukraine in 4 days time InsyaAllah..I so don't want to leave home =(


Jamil said...

Happy Blessed Ramadhan to you too.

You know, I have tons of pictures too from back when I was in Edinburgh (embarrassing ones included, of course). The only reason why I haven't scanned them yet is because...I don't have a scanner *cries* To dad: if you're reading this, that wasn't such a subtle hint to buy one.

p.s. I smiled at the word fiance :)

sarahss said...


Apparently scanners aren't that expensive nowadays. The 3-in-1 device that my father bought costed only rm199. And it's 3-IN-1. Perhaps in the near future it'd be just a mere rm100. Now compare that with your Mac! Hehehe :P

ps: I smiled when you said you smiled at that word :)

Anonymous said...

wahh!! comelnyer kak sarah!! xD love all the pics! especially gamba mase baby.. ^^ comey comey comey comey comey comey!!! ;D

sarahss said...

haaaa yeke!! hehehe gmba time baby mstila sume org pn comey ayuu..mne ade gmba baby yg x ayu :P ayu pn AYU jgkkn dlu?hehe

Anonymous said...

huhu..maybe..~ haha xD

afiqah thalib said...

kak saaaaarraaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
waaaaaaaaaaa dahla dah lame tak story mory tetibe je bukak blog tup tap dah tunang CONGRATSSSSSS!!!!!!!

taktau pon u blk msia if not bley le saye call, really need to update each other laaaa do keep in touch plz plz=)


sarahss said...


maybe? ngengengeh~


tulaaaa i bukak blog u xde papepunnnnn huhuhu...akak just arrived back in ukr last week, dah a week dah kt cnie...xper2 nnt kte crite2 biler2 k?call la akak kt cnie ngehe~~

afiqah thalib said...

how to call? the no yg u kasik thn lepas dh not in service..add me la ym ke skype ke fieqa137 kayh

sarahss said...

akak da add....did u receive nything?

Filthy Little Secret said...

gambar tgh crawl tu siyes smart!!!! 5star! :)