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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prodigy Potluck (oh, it's food again...)

We were supposed to hold this a year back; however lots of activities trailed in, and all were just too busy. So we squashed in the event last Friday; it was Ukraine's Victory Day, hence holiday.

Lunch, your highness, is served...

Agar-agar buah sirap-susu

Mashed potatoes

Mini doughnuts

Ayam bakaq


Banana cake topped with moist choc n strawberries

Choc-n-cinnamon bread pudding

Non-KFC's coleslaw

The sengal-yet-sporty board members..hehe

We also had fried rice; however the picture went missing.

Guess which one did I make? *wink*wink*

Haaaa...cepatla aper lagik...jemputla makan!!! *grinning_wide*


BalQis said...

there are several things about your blog that i like :

first of, your blog is black, lotsa pics that somehow makes it sumwhat colorful and lively and becuz....

there's pic of my cake!!!!

nice name : Banana cake topped with moist choc n strawberries

first time and what a reasult!!!
never thought i could make a cake, haha...

neway gud luck exam!!!

sarahss said...


well of course i was the major 'digger' of your cake!! menjilat jari habis2an!! hohoho

nie yg nak mintak lagi nie :P :P

gud luk exam for u too~~

Anonymous said...

alamak..terliur la pulak tgk makanan tuw..hehe..

nice post kak sarah! :)