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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jelajah Benua: A Day at the farm


Two days ago we eventually had our last program of the semester: Jelajah Benua (JB). It was held in Bakhchisarai, with the aim of helping the Tartar Muslims in need. Donations consisted of food, money, medication and clothing; and of course the most vital of all: our Al-Qur'an.

The one thing that made me love this year's JB was because, I actually got to do some farm stuff. Haha. Talking about being a country kid. Couldn't believe I actually had the chance to do them!!

Climb up - hee - ho~

Look at the scenery behind. Subhanallah..lawa kan??

With Mrs Roestam (ps: they do have three daughters, aged 12,16 and 19. The youngest goes to school, and the other two work. The 2nd and 3rd were there, but they refuse being captured on cam. Mrs Roestam sells bread,and knits clothes for a living.

Mr Roestam in action. He has retired, and has been suffering from back pain. Yet he insists to manage the crop. Says "I can't just let my wife do all the working" .

Their comfy little sweet home

Now comes the food.

First there was breakfast. We had homemade coffee and tea (the coffee seeeriously tasted like our kg's kopi hitam tu..), homemade bread, kefir and jam, some wafers, choc biscuits and sweets.

Next came in lunch. She cooked 'butter-plov(rice) porridge that had some meat and chicken in it, and baked us a huge super-duper yummylicious mouth-watering tempting oh-I-can-describe-you-no-more bread~

The gigantic bread

Yer..yer..saye makan makcik!!Hehe

At the kitchen where she cooks the food..it was somewhat like a basement.

The bread I told you about

Butter-rice plov porridge cooking in action

Next she took us to their farm!! They planted their own crops, and had their own cows from where they get milk, had their own chicken, sheep, goat and cows. The goats and sheep were afraid of us at first!! Kelakar jek~

Haha...gotcha!!! Bulu dier sangat lembut...cam teddy bear~

Chicks in my hands!! Sangat chomeyl~

And next - look what we got to do!! Hehe..perah susu lembu!!

It seems easy - wait till their in your hands. Yikes!!

Sipping milk fresh from the cows...breast? erk~(seeeriously sgt sedappp tak terhingga~~)

I do intend to go visit them again..and perhaps do some serious farming!! Hehe..just wait till the exams are done, and you may spot me in country-kid mode. Yippee!!

ps: If you notice at the side bar, I have linked in a new website bawang goreng. It's a very nice site, with lotsa tips regarding relationship to be exact. Good for newly-weds, newly-wed becomers and hubby wifeys. The bonus point is, at nearly every article there'd be hadith, Qur'an aayahs and related stories from Rasulullah S.A.W's sirah. Though I must say, I wouldn't recommend kids to browse the site - because some articles might render them clueless *wink*wink* (erm sesetgh post tu mungkin cm blue..tp saye rase kite semue dah besar, and mostly pembace blog nie pun medic students kan..jadik silerla open-minded yek!! Jgn pikir bukan2 pulak psl saye kang..hukhuk. Lagipun utk mase depan korg jugak :D )


Faiz Shukri said...

sarah, u already know that i'm starving rite now and yet u posted all that yummy food pics(and fresh milk). i hate u - haha =D

did u put on some weight - ops.

sarahss said...

noooooolahh i didn't tau waaaa

i lost 7 kg since the last euro trip

waaa x aciii x aciii

(nie yg x puas ati nie huhu)

Jamil said...

Did you really lose 7 kg? That's quite an accomplishment considering the last few posts have been all about food :P

p.s. I'd call you Dutch Lady, but you're not exactly from the Netherlands are you? *sticks out tongue*

sarahss said...

yupp...i did. hehe. but, it stuck to the same number past these couple of weeks (again, look at the dishes we had. haha)

Dutch Lady? Naahh..perempuan melayu terakhir grips in better (ooopss)

Arifah Abd. Rahim said...

Sarah. Balik bagitau, nnt kite jumpe kat serdang lagi! ;)

mAtTpEeT said...

bestnyer JB tuh!!!
nak join, leh?

sarahss said...


insyaAllah..mesti pye!! i need u around the wards!! hehe


bole2..tp die bersyarat. kne blanje tiket free dulu!! (tuntut nie) harhar

BalQis said...

Pergh...u're so... lucky girl!!!
ha ha, really!!
I got this house with one mak cik dragging us all with her sad stories, poor thing... BUT nevertheless....
our objectives is spreading the da'wah, aite??? so, no matter what house we got, yang penting... sampaikanlah walau satu ayat pun...
still jealous of you!! ha ha...

sarahss said...

hehehe...evvveryone was lucky that very day..it's just that our luck comes in different forms..but what matters most is our niyyah :)

mcm nak lagik je kan!!hehehe~

Jamil said...

I'm trying to come up with a catchy caption for that picture of you holding the baby chick in your hands - but it's just so hard to do!

"Cheeky chick cupping a chirpy chick"? That sounds more like of a tongue twister than a caption (excuse me while I undo the knots in my own tongue)

sarahss said...

ngengeh. so nice of you for trying soo hard to figure out a caption just for me :P

apparently the 'chick' is busy 'chicking' out with the books - haha

Bawang Goreng said...


Thanks for the add, girl!

sarahss said...


okie dokie!! ngenge~

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