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Monday, July 09, 2007

Chicken soup from a mum to a daughter.

Salaamun alaik...

Finally, after what may seem like a month, I have eased my fingertips to do some keyboard-tapping, squeezing out those bluntless thoughts eager to pop out into text format. Things have been pretty busy nowadays. For starters, I h
ave just enrolled myself for practical training at Serdang Hospital yesterday, and will be performing the matter for the upcoming 3 weeks. Due to a vast number of students, we will shift departments every week; Nephrology, Orthopaedics and Emergency Department, accordingly. Alhamdulillah, for the first day, everything went smooth sailing. It so seems that our doctor (me and my 3 fellow colleague-mates) is the Head of Nephrology Department; he taught us much about communication skills, on how to explain about a disease to a patient. Failure of communicating and influencing patients effectively is a major cause why the public nowadays at some point revert to "bomohs' '' he says. When you are treating someone, assume that you are selling a product. You must convince your consumers to purchase them. If you fail to do so, people may lost confidence in you. Hence, you may end up being that 'not-so-good' doctor you wish you never were. Nauzubillah. Tomorrow we'd be rounding the wards, checking up cases at the HDU (Hemodialysis Unit), and the following days would be spent at the transplantation unit, clinic etc.

Of course, the headline above has nothing, no correlation whatsoever to do with the practicals, hospitals and roundings. Neither do the pictures below.

Last sunday, I tagged along my mum to send my 3rd sister, Amira back to her school, SBP Integrasi Gombak (they champed the National PPM SBP BM Debate Tournament. A big congrats to all INTEGOMBS...hohoho). The route was just the same route; same signboards, tolls and all. The traffic was indeed heavy, for most cars showed sorrow faces of students that gave the 'i-don't-wanna-start-school-please-gimme-some-more-holidays' looks, with big dumpels aside. Little did I realize, that something big (well, not THAT big; just the little-going-to-medium big) was about to happen.

We had a chat. Me and my mum. A rather long one. Big. And important. I was all open at that moment. We talked about private stuff; friends, relationships, clashes, career...and, the future. At that instant, I never knew I would spill out nearly EVERYTHING to my mum. Well, yes, of course I do tell her some wee bit details of my ins and outs, my ongoings, my circle of friends and all, but I never knew it would go way deep. Once, years back, I remember reading through a sentence in a motivational book ( or was it one of those lines from Ustazah Bahiyah's talk? terlupa pula) stating that there would be a period in a girl's life when her mum will be her bestfriend, and they'd share nearly all secrets together. Sounds more of like Gilmore Girls, I think.

For the first time, in my whole life, I have finally felt myself able to think maturely. Act maturely. In other terms, the sentence goes "I feel mature". Wow. Blame me not, for in the past, when it goes to secrets deep down under, private stuff and all, I'd feel embarrassed, shy to reveal the whole lot. As if a big barrier, a huge wall, a virtual door is locked; limiting my inner senses to convince myself to express everything out.

"Kita kan dah besar..kenapa awak nak malu-malu lagi cakap pasal benda ni..?"one once said.

(Should I clap my hands for this? teehee~~)

Congratulations to myself. =)

The pictures below were taken in Istanbul. Had been stranded for two days over there, due to the sudden ticket date forwarding that we did. Tapi takpelah, stranded pun dapat berjalan dengan seronoknya, kan kan :)

The Sea that divided Istanbul into its Europe and Asian side.

Hagia Sophia

Grand Bazar (we got an initially-priced YTL 120 sejadah, for YTL 10 at one of the shops here)

Blue Mosque from inside

Blue Mosque/Sultan Ahmad Mosque (outside)


Route to the sea

Balek Lama/Fish salad..anyone?

View of 'I-don't-know-what' building from the ferry

Some of these men kept saying "Do you want to take my picture?" Tergelak. Kelakar, macam mencapub.

Yellow, expensive cabs, like in New York.

Nak Istanbul lagi boleh..? =)


athirah said...

whoaa sarah. WHAT A STORY !!
i bet theres more to what uve typed here bout d stranded-@-istanbul-4-2-days.*wink2*...
cmon. do tell d whole world here bput what u both of u did 4 d whole 2 days together. ending by what most-ppl-wana-know. when bakal menantu met ibu mertua (@KLIA wer else rite?);-)

and yeah. its much like up to these moments or age wer one gets closer to their parents. telling a whole bunch of no!-do-not-tell-ur-parents kinda story. its intersting when u feel like o-yea they hav to know i'm doin this n this.n dont forget THAT)*wink2*
yea.GILMORE GIRLS iz a good example of such relationship.. n dats why i juz luv to see that series. btw. mR mILO VeR-SUMTING-SUMTING (I DUN REMEBER HIS NAME) AKA jesse.(fuuhh..iz ther any guys out ther as pelik as him?) hotttt aite?

ermm.. wat else..sounds like prktikal @ serdang gavu guys such an experience!!!.. dun ever do @ klang GH (my advice.but if u wana try go ahead la.i aint goin ther again. unless ade kawan2 best to do together2)

sarahss said...

PNJGNYE CEK TIRA KITER MENGOMEN.kihkih(alalmat tercapslock pulak)..
tell every single detail bout the stranded thingy?ey, mane boleyh(some things r better left unsaid)kahkah xderkla..kalo kte cter kang sumer publicla tahu..hukhuk..kiter face2face yee..n frankly i myself hvn't seen gilmore grls for ages, also forgot d fab guy's name.
yup.we've cm 2 d part where mum would dig out our treasure chest full of secrets.having said that,cek tira kiter xmo bcerite kt maknye ke?(dier tu yg agak sakan lagik kot..ngehngeh)
i'm not pretty sure on where to do pract nect yr, x pk pun lagik.well, hv fun tra.heard tht u'd be doing some big time travelling..hamboihamboi~~~ :P

hiyoshi said...

Oh dear. I see that the maturity disease has been spreading. Quick, somebody develop an vaccine! Or an antidote at the very least.

I've been having BIG talks too with my own parents *laughs*

Istanbul looks amazing, may I add. Wouldn't mind getting stranded there myself ;)

p.s. I'm always so envious of friends who get to travel the world. When's my turn?

sarahss said...

Ahah. Just finished reading your latest entry.

Well, it so seems that we're currently squeezing our feet inside the same shoes. Haha. (Though i do somehow feel that you'd be joining the 'you-know-what' club earlier than me. Hehe.

ps: Your turn..perhaps after the tie?:P

athirah said...

uh. lets compile a list of who's Next after tis.n make sure ur turns right after fana. ;-p

sarahss said...

tira..erm..don't you think that you would list up in the line first?teehee~~~

Anonymous said...

ehh. hewlowwww..
who's in-a-relationship NOW? =D

athirah said...

OPSS SILAP2.lupe letak name. heee.. atas tuh me yg typed.