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Monday, July 09, 2007

The procrastinated Warsaw pictures

Deep down within, I do feel a bit reluctant to upload these photos. Why, for the incident took place some 2 months ago. Rather late. Tapi, sebab saya dah janji dengan Kak Sarah untuk tunjukkan gambar-gambar ni..jadi, saya kuatkan hati juga.

Below are some shots of my 3 days 2 nights conventional-trip to Warsaw (saya agak keberatan nak menulis panjang-panjang. A little description will do, I hope).

At the edge of a castle (forgot its name, though).

View from The Tower of Culture and Science.

The tower at night.

Old Town/Starie Measto

Warsaw City Centre. The transport mode is alike London's. Very neat and in order.

The 1st Medical Students Convention Committee. The lady in blue is The Malaysian Ambassador to Poland. She made some hundred slices of sandwiches for our journey back to Simferopol. Macam keibu-ibuan kan :)

ps: This picture makes me feel short..uhuh~

pps: you may identify some Warsaw photos in the previous post.

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