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Friday, July 03, 2009

Food? Think Twice.


Yes, the girl is back. For approximately two months, insyaAllah. Ah nothing spells like home than a jolly good proper dinner (yes I haven't had a really proper one for some three/four weeks, thanks to the mind-goggling adrenaline-pumping caffeine-stipulating five exam papers) and non-stop tv series plus movies oooww yes.

It sure does feel good to be home.

At this time of the moment, the thoughts of pursuing my second degree abroad, once being my aim and dream, is no longer that vivid. Or apparent. Whatever.

However, it saddens me though to grasp the irrefutable truth that I have been putting some weight past this one month. Ohoho. Why, how couldn't I, for those spooky exams make evening jogs seem sooo at fault. And then mum wants me to see the tailor to measure the ups and downs for the upcoming events, raya etc. So you could see clearly how a little part of me is a wee bit under strain.

Ah, never mind. Malaysia spells food, hence let us hunt for it to the max! :P

This two months would be pretty hectic.

1. I have approximately ten wedding invitations that need attending
2. Five weeks of practicals at Kajang Hospital
3. Black-belt Taekwondo Grading (don't think this could squeeze in with abahs' frequent irregular outstations)
4. Slash down those extra kilos'! With whatever modus operandi applicable
5. Wedding preparations [mak andam + warna baju + photographer] aiyoyooo
6. Diet
7. Exercise
8. Dah dah..stop stop (nampak sangat pressure)

heeeeee =D

On the other hand, if anyone has any recommendations regarding mak andams, photographers, wedding gowns etc, feel free to leave a comment. I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks! ;)



wah, kamu still student dan dah nak kahwin jugak...

maskedfacies said...

photoaura.aweenrashdan photographer dia.

pika, ni kawan aku, sarah shaz nama die. mmg hebat kan? dah nk kawen. hehe

Jamil said...

Me is putting on weight too.

Time to bring out the laxatives

Anonymous said...

nak jadi emcee wed ceremony nanti, leh x ???


By the way, congrats !!!


sarahss said...


hehe kalo kat tempat saye dah belambak yg da kawen huahua


aku da cek..mahai gak aa


exercise is the best therapy ok ;)


serious ke nieee??

~Cik soL~ said...

eh..sarah nk kawen ke?
bile nih?
jgn lupe jemput kaksol tau..
btw,uncle n aunty kaksol ade 1stop bridal butik..in case sarah nk tgk, u can check out their website

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...