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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drama Nur Kasih

I like this story heaps! Sangat best ok! ;)

Would like to promote everyone to watch it (tv3 should pay me for this) ngengenge~


Jamil said...

How many self-elected spokesperson does this show have? If I wasn't too lazy to turn on the telly - provided I have one in the first place - I'd probably go and see for myself what the hype is about

Aku manusia yang bernama SYAFIQA. said...

still belom tengok
masih ade lg ke kat tv3?

mcm best!

HafizAdam said...

promote Youtube dan Download bagi yang terlepas, wakaka

Anonymous said...

Ini link Nur Kasih Episod 5....

sarahss said...

jamil : you surely should!
syafiqa: ade je..die 24 episodes kalo x silap..skrg br ep 5
hafizadam: tv3.com.my pun bole
anonymous..tenkyuk2 ;)

HuDa a.k.a PisTia said...

cite ni mmg best..hehe
sy dah tau ending die..

neo said...

Tggulah smpai 26 episod.

Menarik gak la ending citer ni.

gundam said...

kalau sesiapa yg terlepas episod boleh tengo kat http://dramanurkasih.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

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