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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eurotrip Part II: Scotland


On the 17th of January 2009, we woke up as early as 530am to get ready for the 4 hrs 59 minutes (based on the GPS) journey heading to Sterling, Scotland. The initial plan was to visit Holyrood Palace (which actually wasn't THAT fascinating..so never judge the internet from it's pictures haha), but pakteh stopped at a halt after suddenly spotting Celtic FC Stadium from afar (you see pakteh is a very keen fan of football and would snap photo's of any football stadium in sight).

So...tada!! Dedicated for Celtic Fans out there :P

After a few snapshots (oh yes, pakteh and ameerul took photo's with the Club Manager too you know) we headed to Holyrood Palace.

At first we thought of going straight to Stirling Castle. However night was approaching and the scenery wasn't that fab, plus the li'l kids were tired and hungry and crying (and yes I feared the possibility of a sudden 'weird' image emerging in the photos kalo tangkap gambar kat castle time2 senja nie) so we returned back to Travelodge Hotel and decided to go out early the next morning for the photo-shooting session in front of the castle.

And next it was Aviemore and the Cairngorm Mountains!! At first we went to the peak, but it was freeezingly chilling and we could hardly even move our feet! Jalan lambat macam kura-kura. So we decided to go to a spot a wee bit lower where lot's of kids and ski-boarding novicers were skiing and snow-sledging. I did feel a bit jealous because the guys get to snow-board and we just get to...snow-sledge. Takpalaa..depa snow-board pun asyik jatuh ja kehkehkeh :P

Ameerul ambil wudhu' guna air salji..sejuk gileee

The third day was the one that kept me nervous the most..for biiznillah, I got the chance to visit my childhood house, nursery, and school! Not many people could afford to do such a thing..and for that I feel so thankful, Alhamdulillah..

Yup, this was my home-sweet-home nearly two decades back.

And yes, I learnt my Abc and 1 2 3 kat sinilah...

Park Place Primary School

Now we're gonna see abah's PhD school. Dundee University, that is.

The name of the street where my house stood.

Later we drove off to St. Andrews, a place known for its infamous golf course. Pakteh bawak mai golf set semata-mata nak posing kat sini tau :P

Our next stop was Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. There were lots of souvenir shops (tapi xleh bargain sgt pun), hence we did some souvenir-hunting.

The following day we climbed up the hills for some photo-capturing outside of Edinburgh Castle.

After that it was already byebye Scotland waaaaaaa~~ T_T

Scotland opened my eyes to Travelodge - an economic-wise, affordable hotel-chain found nearly everywhere in UK, and yet the rooms were super-duper nice!!

At this moment I still miss Scotland heaps huhu...

Nak pegi lagie!!


SoFie NuR said...

bestnye pegi scotland...aritu plan nak pegi sane jugak tapi takde rezeki...ehmm

sarahss said...

xpe2..ade lg 2 winter kan insyaAllah ^__^

Anonymous said...

hehe, geram tgk snow tuuuuuuuu~ >.<

sarahss said...

hehe..ayu blaja pandai2 tau..ade rezeki dptla pegiee =)

Jamil said...


I will be haunted by mental images of my childhood tonight. God, I miss it so much

sarahss said...


ngeeee...hope i didn't do anything wrong :P

anisa said...

x acikkkkkkkkkkk!! >.<
nk pegi koreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ heheheh ;D
eyh2.. muke yg baby tuh dari jauh mcm muke amira waktu kecik.

sarahss said...

haah..tulaaa..akak pun ckp kt pakteh n makteh bnde same..n derg ckp muke aina cm muke akak time kecik :P :P

Anonymous said...

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