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Monday, February 09, 2009

Eurotrip Part I: Nottingham


I know it's been a week since I turned 23, but somehow it feels somewhat odd to comprehend and digest the whole fact. It's like there's a little feeling that makes you believe you're still 22. Still, a year difference couldn't possibly be that big, could it?

Okay, okay, let's get back on track.

Alhamdulillah me and my friend Achot safely arrived at Luton London Airport on Friday, 9th January at 8.05pm (10 minutes earlier than scheduled) after a 16-hours non-stop Simferopol-Kiev train ride, and the temperature outside was cold (approximately 12 celcius) though not that chillingly cold compared to the -1 celcius breeze of Kiev. Upon arrival, I heard DSLR snapshots from afar...

Well what do you know, pakteh just bought a DSLR!! Marsya and Ameerul also tagged along with a video-cam (hamboi hi-tech sungguh depa) and recorded my few early steps around. Very-very touchinglaaaa~~~

We arrived some what 2 hours 15 minutes later, and makteh served nasik lemak; a very good start for a very hungry me (for I only munched a few sandwhiches through out the whole day in Kiev). By the way in the car pakteh showed me how the GPS functioned and I had to admit that I was a wee bit jakon yet awed at such a genius tiny invention. Malaysia surely should develop this system at haste and approachable at all rural and urban areas.

The following day we went ice-skating at the city centre. It was my first try, and I DONT think I'd have another one . For my steps were so bad, I just can't let my hands off the rails, and at some moments I had to call the coach for help!! Malu je kat Marsya yang memang terer skating huhu. But still, tak cuba tak tahu la kan? Sekarang dah tahu BAGUSLAH :P

After the skate, me and makteh went hunting for a pair of boots for me, because the one before was torn and couldn't resist water anymore. After a very looong search, this was my pick!

A red, flower-patched Barrots boots which was on sale for 4 pounds (tapi kat children's dept size 4 :P).

And next it was ronda-ronda Notts lah ape lagii!!

The following day we went sightseeing and also 'visited' my house when I was...one day old.

Yup my parents and me lived here when dad did his Masters in Civil Eng at Notts University.

The river that lay behind the house. Perhaps they used to baby-pram me here in the evenings.

I also got to visit Marsya and Aida's school and nursery. Seriously it was just like my school two decades back!! How I sooo felt the urge to become a kid back again huhu.

Next we had a peak at the place where I was born: Queen's Medical Centre.

And also abah's former Master's school...

Pakteh also bought me to see Nottingham Castle. Luckily it was free of charge for Nottingham residents, so I got to save some pennies for myself :)

The following day we went to car-boot sale!! Woke up early in the morning; as early birds get to get the biggest catch. However not many 'car-boots' were open as it was winter. It reminded me of the days I used to buy story books in bulks!! Mane taknye satu buku cost 20pence je sape takmo huhu.

I got myself (another) pair of boots, a story book, and a jumper. Bet if it was summer I'd be buying more.

Noon came and we headed to Junction 24; East Midlands Designer Outlet Factory.

..and I got myself two winter-coats (padahal tinggal satu kali winter je lagi before leaving for good insyaAllah..tp dah murah takleh resistlaa!! hehe)

End of Part I..will come back with updates of Part II: Scotland shortly!! InsyaAllah ^__^


aw3rz said...

best gile jalan2

sarahss said...

lagik best klo ade dslr cm ko

dayah mizan said...

Car boot sale.huwahhh....rindunyer.so much cheap stuff.cheap books. ^__^

sarahss said...

haah tulaaa..I got a boot for 1 pound u know..but still looks new!!

anisa said...

akak... cek dulu kulit ape. kang jadi cam nisa.

sarahss said...

dah cek dah..makteh tlg cek kan

Anonymous said...

bestnyeee~ dpt main ice-skating =]

sarahss said...

bestt..tapi sakit kaki n sejoookkk..huhu..dier best kalo reti maenlaa hehe :P

Jamil said...

Carboot sales! I remember wanting to buy a gameboy from one of them carboot sales when I was a kid haha

Anyway, you are one lucky girl, do you know that? I'd do anything to be able to visit Edinburgh again. Probably pursue a Masters degree in vascular surgery? *laugh*

sarahss said...


Yuppee carboot sales are the way to go! Hehe..it was really nice to sniff in the carboot sale atmosphere *sniff*sniff*

I have some pictures of Edinburgh too - will post them later insyaAllah. Kid not, but I'd love to do Masters (in whatever field i'd probably be pursueing) in Nottingham too!

Let's put our hands and pray for it ey ;)

hani said...

no 1: it took me 5 minutes to realize the 'other' person in the pictures is actually Ismail. o___O

no.2: x aciiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hani nk g park place primary school blik gaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk!!!! wuaaaaaaaa Y___Y

no.3: ape nme baby tuh?asyik lupe je.heeee =P


sarahss said...

1. haaa apsal lmbt sgt 5 minit? heheh
2. doa2laaa ade rezeki dpt pegi okie :)
3. name die kaisa