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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinner, is served.


Alas! The writer's block phenomenon once again has casted it's spell on me. Needless to say, my mind now is all in jumbles with equations, drug recipes, nerve pathways, all meddled up in a huge pile. Huhu~

The past couple o' weeks flew by with lotsa activities squashed in through the weekends. Princess Day Out to begin with, next came in Sepak Takraw Tournament and Family Day, and coming ahead in queue will be the Sisterhood Gathering and 'Jelajah Benua' event (me elected as the secretary). And, like just a couple o' weeks after that, would be the dreaded exam week. Ouch.

So you can simply presume how the writer's block hit itself in.

Enough said. A stack of Hygiene Q&A's are neatly laid in front of me, and that guilty feeling keeps biting in every second I lay my hands off them. Another, big, ouch!

note: by scrolling down the below-displayed photo's, you'd understand how the title click's in with this post. Beware for any gastric juice and hydrochloric acid hypersecretion :P Owh dear tummy, please don't rumble too much..

A snap of an i'm-not-sure-what-is-the-name flower I took weeks ago at the park. Among all pictures taken, I love this one the most.

Kak Masyi, Tira and me at the outdoor stadium. What are we staring at you ask..?

Why, we spotted a paintball tournament in all of a sudden! Haha. A first watch for me~

Grilled meat, chicken and french fries, barbequed. Deliciously mouth-watering. Nie yang nak mintak lagi nie. Hehe

Dishes below were the menu of our usrah's picnic potluck. Don't blame me if suddenly your sublingual and submandibular glands hypersalivate.

Kak Mas Sham's veggie salad

Kak Mas Hamzah's fried mee

Atique's curry puff

My honeydew, coconut-milk jelly pudding

Kak Aimul's bubur kacang

Kak Afid's caramel pudding (specifically requested from me..haha :P)

Kak Ifa's karipap pusing

The crew. Ow yeah we usrah-mates rock!! Hehe~

Spotted this tarzan-jump at the park, and dared myself to have a shot. Luckily no vomit masses spilled out afterwards! Haha. Though i did feel nauseous..

Family Day..the 'bola-beracun' crew. We came in as 1st runner-up (I think).

I seeeriously want this book!! Will be snatching it the very first moment I enter any bookstores once back home..

ps: Happy Birthday to mama..and happy anniversary to abah and mama!! The whole lot are spending a night at the Palace Of The Golden Horses, leaving me alone alongside humps of books. *_*


Jamil said...

It's a good thing I've already taken dinner before reading this entry...


Maybe I should go out for supper now.

sarahss said...

...and if you do, i want some secret recipe pleasssee~~~

pycnogenol said...

Rupa Atique's curry puff tu kurang elok. Rasa nya bagaimana? ;)

mAtTpEeT said...

aduh~ geramnyer tgk caramel pudding tu! hmm, best ke dat book, sarah? nnti gue survey..hehe

sarahss said...


rasanye sgt sedappp!!!!menjilat jari..hehe. as the saying goes..don't judge a book by its cover :)


geram??haha itulaa..sayerla yg mkn plg byk puding caramel tu..hoho. dgr komen ramai readers ckp best..kt saifulislam.com. haa bolela tlg survey pstu belikan skalik :P

Jamil said...

sarah - But it'll only be a secret so long as I'm the only one who knows it~

Faiz Shukri said...

Oh yes, regarding the book, i'm thinking of reading it as well. i guess i just need to "snatch" it from a fren of mine - and u can bet it's not jamil hehe.

Jamil said...

faiz - What do you mean by that? I do not discriminate against books, okay? So long as it's a good one haha

p.s. Betul ke pelik bercinta tanpa sms? Ooh. Snap.

SaLMy WaTeeN aBDuL LaTiF said...

rasenye buku takde jual kat book store...beli online jer.... huhu

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