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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

..of exams and that crappy feeling..


it's been a while ( a big one - bak kata balqis..when will you be updating your blog? ) since i've been writing in this little journal of mine. Bukan tak mau, tapi seriously, lot's of things have been happening, making me rather preoccupied..lagi-lagi with the coming exams, the magazine-publishing which still hasn't ended ( bilelaaa nak abes ) and just this morning i passed my internal disease exam.

Yup...all of this happening, and all this while, back in malaysia they're all getting prepared for that massive event!!waaaa...nak pergi kenduri kahwin Abg Safwan ( my cousin ) jugakk!! Dahla this is the first wedding of all my cousins ( yelah..because dia cucu sulung ), everyone will be there ( mum said the rombongan will be approximately 100 orang..ramainye ) everyone, except me...*sigh* =(

What to do..lumrah kehidupan musafir perjuangan, mesti ada pengorbanan..if you want to study overseas, then act like one. InsyaAllah, if all goes smooth sailing, perhaps i'd get to celebrate raya at home in the coming 3 years..kalau umur panjang..ameen..

Now that exams are coming up..little ones + big ones..i'm having that twitchy little feeling - i feel homesick. Home sweet home. I miss the whole lot!!

kawan-kawan, pray for our success yaa...allahumma najjihnaa fiikulli imtihan fiddin fiddunya walaakhirah.. ^_^


BalQis said...

Hey ya...

Chill out!!!

Life ain't great without exams, studies and so on...ya!!!!

huhu..nice post anyway!

Keep up!

mAtTpEeT said...

allo...sarah!! biler nak update blog nih??!! dr ari tuh lg, ish3..hehehe...xper2 sayer tunggu...mwakakaka

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