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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains are a chain of mountains that stretch from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. The total length of the Carpathians is over 1500km, it's highest range being 8705 feet above sea level. Some of the people speak a rather unheard-of language such as Transcarpathian, while others remain using their respective mother tongues. Temperature ranges from as low as -15 celcius during winter, and 20 celcius in July (summer).

Amongst the many villages alongside, one of them is Slavske. This is the place where we spent our winter hols ^__^

To get to the destination, we had to take a train from Simferopol to Lviv which took us 26 hours HAHA imagine that! All our muscles were cramped and ached galore~

Initially the plan was to go skiing; however Allah had other plans, and so on the day we arrived the snow was starting to melt. So instead of skiing, we hopped on to the 2600m long cable car to get to the top of the mountain which stood 1230m above sea level.

The cable car ride upwards

A cottage that sits on on top of the mountain

The view from above MashaAllah was fantastic! Subhanallah *speechless*

We also had a few horse rides, and built a little snowman ^__^

Sometimes it felt like we were sooo close to the sun! Even two layers of gloves and thick socks weren't enough to counterfeit the frosty coldness.

The ride downwards

After the ride downwards, we strolled along the little bumpy roads and shopped at some souvenir stalls. The folks here were rather friendly and felt enthused to encounter such visitors from as far as Malaysia! Hohoho.

During our stay there we spent three nights at Fayno Cottage. It was a very small yet homey cottage, which not only has Disney Channel, but also a sauna! Pampering your body with the blazing sauna heat after a long cold day is sooo soothing I tell you..yippie!

After three nights spectating the sunrise and sunset between the mountains, we headed back to Lviv and spent a night at the Ukrainian Home Hostel; a very Europe-like hostel that rated highest at http://hostelbookers.com . We had a tour around the city; it reminded me most of Poland due to the similarity of its architecture elements.

The owner (Igor) and us

At the kitchen

At one of the souvenir stalls

The following day it was toodles for Lviv. Thank You Allah for the chance You gave us to explore something so spectacular.

Goodbye everyone! Till we meet again ^__^



Anonymous said...

uuiiiiiiiiii bestnyaaa :DD

Slamdunk said...

Great photos--looks like a great place to explore.

sarahss said...

ayu: hehe haah alhamdulillah bestttt

slamdunk: yup sure is a great one!