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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sabar Sarah...


It hurts to know that some people just couldn't appreciate all the work you've done. They believe that everyone is perfect - of course not! These people may be just a minority, and I couldn't care less to know who they are. Well, whoever it is, if you think you're good enough, go get a grip and try walk in my shoes.

I have been silent from the blogosphere for nearly two months, and yes, I have been pretty busy lately. Some big events are coming around, me becoming one of the important committee members. Sometimes you think that the workload is too much and stressful - but at some moments, you just feel thankful that these stuff are restraining you from thinking about the unnecessary (you know what I mean).

Sometimes, I feel that I have transformed into a new me - a 'me' that couldn't tackle tight schedules. Had it been in SMAPK, I wouldn't be fussing this much! Why oh why?

I do agree that at some point, SMAPK taught me how to juggle my priorities right, how to manage time with care. I think I fear this new me. Uhuhu~

Nonetheless, I am trying to fulfill each and every second as good as I could. I am attending Oriental Dance classes currently, twice a week, and taekwondo classes weekly. The other days would do with a jog in the park.

Ah, been trying out new recipes too. On weekends-lah. Hey, it's crucial what ;)

Okie dokie. Opthalmology notes coming up. Cataract oo cataract.

ps: am envying Hani who's currently at home for a short break

pps: The univ should have it's own 'girls-only' pool. Mana aci lelaki je dapat swim! Nak swimming jugak!! :P

ppps: credits to Dayah for these lovely 'digital-badges-whatever-you-call-them'. Got them from her blog. Hehe


Jamil said...

You do sound as if you're right up to your nose, occupied with stuff.

Oriental Dance classes? Do they teach you the Bharatanatyam then? Hold on. Oriental means far east right? Damn my geography

sarahss said...

Haah. Apparently there is a more precise word to describe the dance, but can't really mention it in public *wink*wink*

ayu said...

rajennye akak. taekwondo every week :)

sarahss said...

ayu: heee..nak sehatkn badan :)

dayah mizan said...

they're called flairs sarah.heheh.yup, kan best if ader 'only-girls' swimming pool.haven't swim-swim in ages. =P

sarahss said...

ooo flairs ke? hehehe baekkk... ;)

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