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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"You are most likely to die on..."


If you’re one of the constant, keen users of the world wide web, you’re most likely to notice the big immigration of users from friendster to facebook. My friendster account, for an instant, has been having cobwebs dangling for like, say, nearly a year. And the number of friends that I have in facebook has sky-rocketed over the sum of 800.

Come to ponder upon the thought, both act as social utilities that connect people around the globe, virtually. We could send comments/write on the ‘walls’, give messages, upload and share pictures, post shout-outs and statuses etc. Hence, why the big gap?

The upper edge that facebook has over friendster is its ‘power of notification’. Making announcements. Telling all your friends that you have commented on his status, and that someone has ‘liked’ your photo. That someone has also commented on a picture of your friend that you commented. Tagging pictures – a game that implicitly in a way increases the number of ‘photos of you’ that you have on facebook. Thereby, no more tedious uploading is needed. Leave it to those who have nothing to do. And uploading is way easier and twice faster.

To add to that, you could also instantly send photos to your account via mobile. And tag them at once. Next, hey presto! All you know is that a bunch of people are already conversing over the phenomenon (this happened to me in real life on the day of my neighbour’s solemnization. I was sitting beside an aunt of hers who had Blackberry; she took pictures of her niece, sent them to facebook and tagged them there and then. I figure it took only 10 seconds more or less).

Via facebook, you could send your friend some 'duit raya' and get a piece of Secret Recipe's Yogurt Strawberry Cheesecake for an exchange. And get yourself a Swatch! Hahaha.

Next comes the addictive games that they have. Most guys would be recruiting their members to join their family on Mafia Wars, and the girls would try gain points for fame in Sorority Life. Others may just be harvesting cucumbers to collect as much coins in Barn Buddies, and the prudent ones would ‘Scrabble’ world-widely as much as they could.

Rest assured if you find yourself guilty, you could always join this group : I hate Facebook because it stops me from doing my homework!!!

Still, the boon is there. You could simply announce your wedding and invite guests effortlessly (though I’d prefer snail-mail/cards). Ask people to join a cause/campaign. Write a suicidal note (just to gain attention) or a wedding registry.

And don’t forget the myriad quizzes that people make, to an extent that you could even ‘know the way how you die’ - duhh!!!

Ps: This is somewhat a ‘reply’ on Jamil’s latest post. I, too, am one of the victims hypnotized by facebook!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Food? Think Twice.


Yes, the girl is back. For approximately two months, insyaAllah. Ah nothing spells like home than a jolly good proper dinner (yes I haven't had a really proper one for some three/four weeks, thanks to the mind-goggling adrenaline-pumping caffeine-stipulating five exam papers) and non-stop tv series plus movies oooww yes.

It sure does feel good to be home.

At this time of the moment, the thoughts of pursuing my second degree abroad, once being my aim and dream, is no longer that vivid. Or apparent. Whatever.

However, it saddens me though to grasp the irrefutable truth that I have been putting some weight past this one month. Ohoho. Why, how couldn't I, for those spooky exams make evening jogs seem sooo at fault. And then mum wants me to see the tailor to measure the ups and downs for the upcoming events, raya etc. So you could see clearly how a little part of me is a wee bit under strain.

Ah, never mind. Malaysia spells food, hence let us hunt for it to the max! :P

This two months would be pretty hectic.

1. I have approximately ten wedding invitations that need attending
2. Five weeks of practicals at Kajang Hospital
3. Black-belt Taekwondo Grading (don't think this could squeeze in with abahs' frequent irregular outstations)
4. Slash down those extra kilos'! With whatever modus operandi applicable
5. Wedding preparations [mak andam + warna baju + photographer] aiyoyooo
6. Diet
7. Exercise
8. Dah dah..stop stop (nampak sangat pressure)

heeeeee =D

On the other hand, if anyone has any recommendations regarding mak andams, photographers, wedding gowns etc, feel free to leave a comment. I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks! ;)